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We provide our clients with coordinated design services for any type of fitout project. We have a great relationship with many design companies and will put forward the best design options that suits your particular project.

When we are included in the design stage of the project, we contribute in curating the design in a way that best matches your brief and requirements but also matches your financial targets.

Our input will also translate to better design outcomes and solve buildability issues early on which will avoid many time-consuming and unnecessary complications that clients typically face in the quoting and tendering stage of the project.

As we have multiple designers and design firms, which means you will have a designer that best suits your specific project at hand. We partner with designers that use the latest computer-aided design software and are able to produce photorealistic 3d images of the store design. This will give you a better understanding of your store and the opportunity to tweak it to your liking.

At your request, we will also make sure that all necessary approvals are applied for on your behalf.

Development Approval

Other Project Specific Approvals and Permits

City Works Permit

Structural Engineer’s Design & Certification

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